HideIPVPN Reviews 2018 :- is it still worth trying ?

HIDEIPVPN is unique in that it is a global VPN network that was designed with your privacy and security as the primary concern. The company offers 24/7 live chat support, a secure refund policy, and operates with your privacy in mind. HIDEIPVPN has been in business since 2009 and had users all over the world. It was founded as a partnership of industry veterans, with more than ten years experience working in the online banking security industry. Since its beginnings over 35,000 people have signed up with HIDEIPVPN for their VPN services.

It is both Windows and Mac compatible. HIDEIPVPN is highly ranked and rated by outside reviewers who enjoy the ease of set up and use associated with their service.

HIDEIPVPN describes itself as, “the best way to bolster your online security, privacy, and anonymity.”

What Is A Virtual Private Network?

A VPN, virtual private network, transforms a public system into a private one. Using a VPN, you can connect to remote servers securely while using a public Wi-Fi connection. VPN’s not only provide anonymity on the Internet, but they also provide increased security for users. The encryption a VPN offers its users, adds a layer of protection that is very difficult to break through.

VPN’s route your Internet connection out of the area of your choice, which allows you to access content reserved for those locations. For example, routing your Internet through the United States while overseas allows you access to sites like Netflix and Hulu that are reserved for IP addresses located in the United States. It also means that what you see on the Internet: ads, news site headlines, etc. will be catered to the location of the IP address you choose.

VPNs also allow you to avoid government monitoring of the Internet in countries where this routinely occurs, such as China. This also means that you can access websites that are blocked in individual countries. Anyone who has lived in China, or another country who routinely blocks internet sites, will understand the value of being able to access blocked sites such as Facebook.

In addition to allowing you access to content you may not have otherwise been able to see, VPN’s can provide fast, reliable service in countries where Internet connections can be slower than desired. While there are free VPNs on the market, paid ones come with additional services and are harder to detect and block.


HIDEIPVPN is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Its mobile version is compatible with Android, iOS, and Surface. Windows requires Windows XP SP2, or higher and Mac requires OSX 10.5 or more upper.


HIDEIPVPN offers military-grade encryption to its subscribers using the advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm. Each time a user logs on 2096 bits of random numbers is used to create a pair of keys for each session, one private and one public. To decrypt the data both keys must be used together, which ensures security for the user.

While using HIDEIPVPN any and all data that reaches a user’s computer from the Internet is encrypted with AES-256 Encryption, which ensures nobody can interfere with a users incoming Internet traffic. As of 2012, no one has successfully attacked the cipher itself. The US government stated, in 2003, that the AES algorithm was enough to protect top-secret information.

Many VPN services fail to protect a user when the Internet connection is unstable. When the Internet connection drops, it goes unnoticed, which causes a break in a users encryption and reveals their local IP address. HIDEIPVPN protects users against this by keeping the VPN tunnel alive for 2 minutes in the event of a connection failure.

HIDEIPVPN servers are hosted at data centers that are under 24-hour surveillance.

Plans And Pricing

HIDEIPVPN provides three different plans to suit the needs of their users.

HIDEIPVPN-50GB is priced at $9.95 per month if paid monthly. It is the standard plan for regular browsing and provides 50GB of Bandwidth each month. The second plan, HIDEIPVPN-Unlimited, is geared towards users who are streaming and downloading content. It is priced at $16.95 per month and provides unlimited Bandwidth. Both programs are compatible with Windows and Mac and offer over 1000 IPs in over 80 locations.

HIDEIPVPN provides a third plan, priced at $5.95, for use on your mobile phone. It works with Android, iOS, and Surface and provides users with 5GB of Bandwidth per month. This plan allows access to over 100 IPs in over 80 locations.

Every plan provided by HIDEIPVPN includes:

  • Free changing of IPs and locations
  • No restrictions on speed
  • AES-256 RSA 2096Bit encryption
  • Instant download and activation of the VPN
  • An additional fixed IP for each account
  • Access to all server locations

HIDEIPVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans and allows users to cancel or switch between programs at any time.


HIDEIPVPN offers quick and easy installation for its users.  Users follow the prompts on the Installation Wizard. Once the VPN is installed users choose any of the over 80 server locations and click to connect. The VPN will then connect.  Each time you select a location HIDEIPVPN will pick a random IP in that area to compare you to. Their website has a video to walk users through installing and using their VPNs.

Changing IP Addresses

HIDEIPVPN allows users to change their locations and IP addresses as much as they want. They provide access to VPN servers in over 30 countries and over 80 different cities. To switch locations users merely click disconnect and choose another location and connect.

Same IP Address Anywhere In The World


HIDEIPVPN includes a service that allows users to create a fixed IP address for each account. This is useful for individuals who travel and want to use the same IP address wherever they are. It can help users secure their online shopping and banking.

Remembering A Preferred Server

HIDEIPVPN allows users to mark a server location as preferred. With over 80 server locations it can be hard to remember which site a user likes to use.  This service makes it easy for users to access their VPN’s through their preferred locations.

Using An Email Client

If users rely on using an email client, such as Outlook, to write and receive emails, there will be no problem doing so while connected to HIDEIPVPN, which is not the case for all VPNs. Unlike other VPNs, HIDEIPVPN does not block SMTP ports.

Auto Launch

HIDEIPVPN has an auto-launch option, which allows users to turn on or off an automatic launch of HIDEIPVPN every time they start up their computer. Users can set HIDEIPVPN to automatically connect to the location of their choice each time they log on.

Customer Service

Even though HIDEIPVPN’s service is relatively straightforward and user-friendly, they offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, customer service for all clients. They promise to respond to emails within 1-2 hours, seven days a week.

They also have Live Chat support available 24 hours a day where user’s pre-sales and technical questions can be answered. If users still have unresolved issues, the company uses TeamViewer.com, which allows them access to users computers so that they can resolve the issues directly.

For the more tech-savvy customers, HIDEIPVPN includes manuals and articles in its help centers self-service section. Users can read about all the different services they provide and how to operate all of them.

Number Of Devices

HIDEIPVPN allows you to install your VPN on an unlimited number of devices, but only one device can use the service at a time. This is true for all their plans and both for computers and cellular phones VPN plans.


  1. Choose your preferred gateway with both p2p and no p2p servers
  2. Then you will see the following menu window
  3. Your menu options will include “About” “Help” “Update.”
  4. You will then have additional connection options
  5. IP adjustment options
  6. Opportunities for automation
  7. Options for email
  8. Multiple language options including French, Russian, Dutch, German, Arabic, and English
  9. Support

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HIDEIPVPN offers an easily accessible service that can be used by tech-savvy and computer illiterate individuals alike. With a 30-day money back guarantee on any of their plans, it is easy for users to try out their service without worrying it won’t work for them. There are no contracts in place and users can switch freely between plans every month, depending on their needs. There is also no fee associated with canceling the service, which can be done at any time.

Since the founders came from the online banking software industry, this VPN was established with security in mind.  With its military-grade encryption and multiple levels of protection for its users, HIDEIPVPN is excellent for anyone concerned with their online safety. After all, if it’s good enough for confidential government data, it sounds pretty secure.

They offer additional perks to their customers: such as fixed IP addresses, preferred IP locations, and the ability to switch IPs as much as users like.

Their customer support is excellent and available to customers any day of the year at any time, which is excellent for customers who aren’t as comfortable with technology. They are reachable in a variety of ways: Phone, Live Chat, Email, and provide quick and reliable service for their customers.